London Police Aim to Counteract Cycling Deaths With 2,500 Extra Officers at Key Junctions

By Gary Cutlack on at

London's police force has come up with (another) plan to help calm the fury surrounding the recent spate of tragic cyclist deaths in the city, by pledging to stick around 2,500 extra bobbies at critical danger junctions.

The initiative, which the Met Police is calling Operation Safeway, will see extra officers on duty at 166 of the most troublesome and dangerous junctions across the city during rush hour periods. It'll run until Christmas, when police bosses will examine the results and have a think about what action to take next.

The police on duty will apparently be offering "advice" to cyclists and pedestrians alike, so expect to hear shouts of "Watch out for that bloody great lorry" and "Van at five o'clock" ringing out across the city from next Monday, when 650 officers will begin manning 60 initial danger junction sites. [BBC]