Lumoback Posture Sensor Will Save You a Lifetime of Quasimodo Insults

By Gerald Lynch on at

My posture is bad. I mean, really bad. Bell tower squatter bad. I've tried the ruler-down-the-shirt method, and fancy chairs, but I just can't get comfortable unless I'm trying to return to the foetal position. The Lumoback posture sensor however may have what it takes to succeed in straightening me out where my sloping shoulders would once have shrugged.

Hooking up to an iOS app over a Bluetooth connection, the Lumoback sits in an elastic waistband that you strap around your back. Using sensors to track your posture, it will lightly vibrate should you start slouching down, a constant reminder of the hunchback awaiting you should you fail to sit or stand upright.

Though it's already packing a worthy USP, the Lumoback also tries its hand at some light fitness tracking, recording your time spent walking, running and sitting each day, counting off the calories you've burned, and rating your overall posture when the sun begins to set.

You can pick up one of the sensors for £129.95 from the Lumoback website, and in the Apple Store.