Make Sure Your Reading Experience is out of this GALAXY, with My Magazine

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My Magazine on the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 is one of the most beautiful apps around.

Taking stories from all aspects of the web, the service is your go-to place for news and information. But this isn’t just any old RSS reader – each article found in My Magazine is presented in a, you’ve guessed it, magazine format.

So instead of clicking through different stories, you flip through them as you would the pages of a mag.


Flipboard on board

My Magazine, developed by Samsung in partnership with Flipboard, provides the ultimate lean-back reading experience on the go and it’s one that can be personalised easily.

In this feature we will explain how you can make your very own digital magazine, using the stories you love – all accessible with just an upward flick from your GALAXY Note 3’s homescreen.

One of the main reasons that you might want to create a digital magazine on your Note 3 is to bring all the articles relating to your favourite hobby, author or movie together into one place.

Each magazine that you create can be shared online and others can subscribe to your magazine, so you will want to make a mag that stands out from the digital crowd – and that’s where we come in.

Read on to see how to make the perfect magazine on your GALAXY Note 3.


My Magazine

1. Flipping out

It’s really easy to find My Magazine on the GALAXY Note 3 – simply flick upwards on the homescreen and it will appear.

You can also find My Magazine by clicking the Home button once as well.

The app is completely embedded into the handset, so you can access it from most screens at any time.


My Magazine

2. Read all about it

Before we create a magazine, it’s best to get yourself acquainted with how My Magazine works.

Flip on to it and you will see a lovely grid-like structure of news stories from curated web content.

Click the three lines on the top left and you will see three categories where feeds come from: news, social and personal.

You can toggle these on and off if you wish.


My Magazine

3. Let’s get personal

While this specially chosen content is great for keeping up with what is happening in the world, making the service a bit more personal will help you get more out of My Magazine.

To do this, click on any article and head to the + button. Click this and you will be asked to sign into Flipboard, the service that is powering My Magazine.

If you already have a Flipboard account then simply log in. If you don’t, follow the on-screen instructions and create one.


My Magazine

4. Choose your content

Once signed in, you will find that any article that you click the + on can be added to your very own magazine.

Go to Learn More and you will be talked through the processes of making your own mag – something that we are also kindly doing for you right here!

Click Next and you will be asked to name your magazine. Name it what you want, just don’t go for anything too rude! You can also add a description of your magazine as well, if you wish.


My Magazine

5. Many a mag

The beauty of My Magazine is that you’re not restricted to just one title – you can create as many magazines as you want.

When you create your first magazine, right next to it you’ll see an empty magazine with a + symbol in the middle of it, ready to be filled with a new title whenever you wish.

It’s probably best if you create magazines based by theme – one dedicated to your hobbies, maybe, and another for politics or film reviews.

That way you won’t be confused as to what the content relates to when you come back to reading them and sharing them with friends.


My Magazine

6. Finding articles

The simplest way to find articles within My Magazine is to go to the app from the homescreen and choose your favourites from the curated content.

You can keep swiping up to view all of the content – there is so much available we doubt you will get to the end.

As before, to add an article into one of your magazines you just need to click the + icon and choose the magazine, then press Add. You will be notified that the article has been ‘flipped’ into your magazine.

Now, moving articles from the curated sections in the app is all very good, but the real fun is in searching for articles yourself, which we’ll come to now.


My Magazine

7. The search is on

To find content that suits your magazine, click on an article that is in a genre you want to search.

You will see the genre label at the top of the article – click on this and you will be given a list of websites to chose from.

Click on any of these and you will be given a whole host of other content. Now you have a whole new choice of articles to add to your magazine.

Click on the + icon to add the articles to your magazines – you’ll find it at the bottom right of the screen.


My Magazine

8. Searching a little deeper

If you still can’t find the right content for your magazine, then you can use the search box.

Click on any article again and click on the top category tag once more – now on the top right you will see a three-line icon.

Click on this and you will find the search box. You can search for topics, magazines made by others and even hashtags.

Type what you want into the search box and then you will be given a selection of other articles to search through.


My Magazine

9. Fill up your magazine

As with any magazine you’d buy in the shops, you want as much content and as many features as possible, so you don’t want to short change yourself by only adding a few articles to each magazine.

As you add more and more great content the experience becomes much better.

Each time you add an article the magazine will automatically choose the best image to go on the front cover, and will present the magazine contents in such a way that you can easily get to the articles within.


My Magazine

10. Edit your magazine

Don’t worry if you have added an article into My Magazine that you didn’t really want.

Each article can be deleted by long pressing anywhere on the article and choosing Remove from Magazine.

Plus, if you don’t like the cover of your magazine you can also long press on your favourite image and choose to Promote To Cover.

And that’s it – we promise that once you have created one magazine, you will want to create many more.