Mamma Mia! Is a Nintendo Android Tablet the Last Piece of the Wii U / 3DS Triforce?

By Gerald Lynch on at

With its Wii U struggling to match the excitement around rival consoles the Xbox One and PS4, Nintendo may be readying a new piece of hardware to buoy its flailing fortunes. Yep, Nintendo may be about to join the Android tablet race.

The rumour originates from a series of tweets posted by Nando Monterazo, who claims to be a software engineer with Nintendo of America.

The tweets (which have since been taken down) describe a tablet designed primarily for education purposes, rather than being a gaming one. "Experimenting with a tablet of Nintendo, the system is based on android, fully modified and unified as a database of the tablet," read one of the now-deleted tweets, according to TechRadar. Monterazo had also stated that he was testing the tablet's "communication environment", and revealed that its software would feature famous Nintendo characters (though fell short of stating what its gaming potential would be).

With Nintendo naturally remaining tight-lipped over the rumours, we'd caution against blind-faith in Monterazo's revelations. However, it's not too much of stretch to imagine Nintendo examining its options. with the Wii U continuing to struggle, and its controller already suggestive of tablet experimentation at the company, a Nintendo-branded slate doesn't seem totally implausible. Indeed, with the company standing firm against its gaming properties ever appearing on hardware that doesn't have Nintendo stamped all over it, a Nintendo-built tablet could give the company a chance to take a bite out of the now-supersized slate and app market. [Twitter via TechRadar]

Image Credit: Phandroid