Man Banned From Facebook After "Liking" (Processed Pork Meat) Faggots

By Gary Cutlack on at

Here's a thing anyone who's strayed here from America might find amusing -- we have a food called the faggot. We eat faggots. Some of us may even have a couple of hot faggots for our dinner tonight. This odd fact earned a poor man a ban from Facebook, after he innocently expressed a liking for the processed meat ball dish.

54-year-old Robert Wilkes wrote the message "I like faggots" on the social media site, which was enough for someone not versed in the UK's regional meat dishes to serve him with a temporary ban for using what some overseas readers may believe to be a derogatory term for gay men.

Wilkes posted his praise of faggots in response to a photo of the food that had been posted by a friend, who was also banned for 12 hours by Facebook's image patrol mafia for uploading such a potentially offensive meat product. "It’s political correctness gone mad," said Wilkes, who, our sources tell us, often follows his faggots with spotted dick for pudding.

The most popular brand of faggot in the UK is the Mr Brain's variety, which is cashing in on the notoriety by retweeting messages from supporters on its Twitter page, tweets which are mostly along the lines of "I like faggots too and TO HELL with political correctness" [Pink News]