Man Becomes Rubbish Cyborg via DIY Computer Implant

By Gary Cutlack on at

Tim Cannon describes himself as a "biohacker," a term coined to describe people who do mad things like put computers inside their bodies. Despite the ready availability of miniaturised computer powerhouses, Tim's now got a lump the size of a phone on his arm.

Tim's stuck an open-source biometric computer known as the Circadia 1.0 under his skin, and it's perfectly OK and hygienic because he sealed it in a case before whacking it in. Because the device isn't certified for use by medical authorities, proper surgeons weren't allowed to install/insert it into him. So Cannon had to get it put in by well-meaning body modification enthusiasts who used ice to numb the pain instead of anaesthetics. And probably one of their mums' bread knifes.

It's powered by a battery than can be charged wirelessly, so at least he's not had to leave a gaping wound to plug in a USB lead. The computer relays data to any Android-powered device, at the moment managing to transmit his body temperature via Bluetooth. A thermometer up the arse may have been a better option, Tim. [Motherboard via Kotaku]