What's the Worst Place You've Ever (Drunkenly) Woken Up?

By Ross Johnson on at

When Marek Michalski, 56, was found on a bench in Piotrkow, Poland, he didn't have a pulse. As per standard practice with corpses, paramedics sent him to a hospital morgue. Where he woke up. Turns out he was just really, really pissed.

While most drinkers will find themselves cradling a box of cheesy chips or a traffic cone in the morning, Mr Michalski's hangover had a somewhat more morbid spin to it, him being bagged 'n' tagged and all. Upon awakening in a sealed body bag, Michalski did what anyone would do and collected himself, then calmly screamed his lungs out and fell off the table.

He now plans to sue the hospital in question for not realising he was alive. Assuming Poland has those 'drink responsibly' warnings on the bottles too, he probably won't have much of a case.

We've all done it, though. I was once woken up by my mate's mother walking into the bathroom to have a shower. Where I was lying naked in the bathtub, with no recollection of having decided that'd be a sweet place for a kip.

Does anyone have a similar story? Woken up halfway up a tree? Or under your boss's desk the morning after the office Christmas party? Comment below! [Metro]

Image credit: Dead body from Shutterstock.com