John McAfee Now Embroiled in Murdered Neighbour and Dead Dogs Lawsuit

By Gerald Lynch on at

John McAfee, the computer security luminary now better known for the batshit-crazy life he's lived in recent years, is back in the news after the family of a neighbour found murdered have sued him, implicating McAfee in the shooting.

And, like everything in McAfee's life, the details of the case verge on the  bizarre. McAfee's neighbour, one Gregory Faull, was found shot dead last November, with the Belize resident's family believing that McAfee and his two (two!) girlfriends either committed the murder, or ordered the killing. McAfee obviously denies the charges, but has cast doubt over his own innocence by fleeing across the Guatemalan border in the immediate aftermath of the murder.

So what, if anything, would have driven McAfee to murder? The suggestion is the mysterious death of two of McAfee's girlfriends' pet pooches. Faull filed a complaint with the local mayor stating that McAfee's dogs were "causing an unsafe environment for residents and tourists alike" (a complaint that McAfee claims he wasn't made aware of until after Faull's death). Just days after the complaint was submitted, the two dogs were found dead, apparently after eating a poisoned tortilla. Yep, a deadly tortilla. 

McAfee (who has since returned to the US) and his girlfriends now face a potential jury trial, with the Faull family seeking £46,800 in damages as part of a "wrongful death lawsuit", as Belize authorities have chosen never to name the security expert as an official murder suspect. "McAfee - The Movie" may need a sequel or two to fit all this stuff in.[BBC]