Microsoft Acknowledges Xbox One's Crunchy-Sounding Broken Blu-ray Drive Issues

By Gary Cutlack on at

Microsoft's successful Xbox One hardware launch is now seeing the sort of early-adopter tech problems that also hit US buyers of PS4, with MS forced into admitting that "a very small number" of Xbox One buyers are having problems getting discs to load.

Plenty of early Xbox One buyers have been sharing tales and YouTube clips of their machines refusing to load Blu-ray discs, and those that complain about the issue to Microsoft and make it official are being consoled with free digital downloads to keep them happy while replacement hardware is issued.

In a separate and unrelated issue, the Xbox One sent to Gizmodo UK also broke. We have no idea if its disc tray works or not, because it won't even power up. Hooray for being an early-adopting beta tester. [IGN via BBC]