Microsoft Claims Google "Goes Through" Everyone's Emails in Spiteful Ad Campaign

By Gary Cutlack on at

Microsoft's renewing its attack on Google's operations, suggesting its rival rifles through everyone's emails sent through the Gmail servers. What it actually means is that software scans them and picks out keywords to sell ads, but still. It's a pretty ballsy attempt at badmouthing Google from MS.

Through Microsoft's Keep Your Email Private site, the Windows giant has put together a list of the ways in which Google scans email content to serve relevant advertising to users, with MS trying to make its attempt at raising paranoia seem more official by linking to BBC articles down the side of its Get the Facts page.

Obviously anyone who's the slightest bit tech aware knows full well that Google's bots scan content to serve relevant ads alongside it, but this site appears to be Microsoft attempting to capitalise on the controversy surrounding the NSA surveillance outrage in an attempt to undermine its much more popular rival. Pretty nasty stuff. [Keep Your Email Private via Telegraph]