Microsoft Successfully Salvaged Xbox One and Shifted One Million of Them in a Day

By Gary Cutlack on at

After presiding over one of the less thrilling and most mocked hardware reveals in history, Microsoft would appear to have successfully turned its Xbox One supertanker around. It sold more than one million of the new consoles on launch day. People like it now. Fickle crowd.

Microsoft says the number relates to consoles "sold through," which we assume means in the actual hands of actual men right now rather than shipped to various warehouses. Xbox One is apparently now "sold out" at most retailers too, with Microsoft trotting out the old "unprecedented demand" line to account for current stock shortages.

Mind you, with PS4 set to hit Europe this week, some of that momentum may be about to evaporate -- and if those faulty Blu-ray drive reports gather more steam it could still turn bad for Microsoft. But, at the moment. it looks like Xbox One's doing the business. [Bloomberg]