Microsoft's Weird Anti-Google Video Says Chrome is "Commercialising" Everyone

By Gary Cutlack on at

Microsoft's bizarre attempts at badmouthing Google even extend to making internal corporate jokes, with the Windows maker investing a substantial amount of time and effort on creating this employee-eyes-only dig at Google's data-harvesting policies.

"Google watches everything you do" says the advert as it tries to brainwash Microsoft staff into thinking Google's some sort of evil menace, parodying Google's own ads for its cross-platform Chrome browser. Microsoft claims that Google's monitoring our every web search and communication, even while we're furtively checking our phones in the toilets, to ensure it can serve us relevant advertising. Which is true, but... who cares?

Poor Microsoft really does seem to believe that what kind of ads we see around the periphery of the internet and advertising scripts scanning for keywords are our biggest concerns about modern life online, instead of, say, the fact that everything we do and say ends on on some US government intranet site. [YouTube via The Register]