Misfit Shine is a Miniscule Fitness Tracker So Small You Won't Care About Wearing It

By Gerald Lynch on at

The size of a fifty-pence piece, the Misfit Shine may be the most discrete fitness tracker yet. Fully waterproof and made primarily from aluminium, it's both sturdy and subtle enough for you to need never take it off which, for a real hypochondriac fitness fanatic is the wearable dream.

Good to handle submerged depths of 50 metres, it can be strapped around your wrist like a watch or clipped onto an item of clothing. Use it in wrist-watch mode and a series of blinking lights allow it to tell you the time, with the lights otherwise representing 5 per cent progression intervals towards a fitness goal.

Hooking up over Bluetooth to a free Shine app for iOS (an Android version is in the works), the Misfit Shine can intelligently detect different sports being played, with everything from football through to basketball and tennis catered for. It'll also act as a sleep tracker too and, thanks to it using a standard watch battery, it'll run for around four months before needing a new cell.

In John Lewis now, you can pick it up for £99.95.