In The Future We'll All Have Phone Mics Tattooed to Our Necks, According to Motorola Patent

By Gerald Lynch on at

Well, you can't knock 'em for thinking out of the box at least! A new Motorola patent suggests the Google-owned company are looking to take wearable tech in a whole new direction, branding your skin with the very circuitry needed to make phone calls.

Using a process that seems not unlike the graphene electronic ink we showed off earlier this week, the tattoo would pick up vibrations from the wearer's larynx, cutting out external noises, and sending the audio produced over Bluetooth or NFC to a separate device for transmitting the call -- probably a smartphone. Which makes you wonder who exactly is going to be so lazy to want a transmitter tattooed onto their neck rather than face the inconvenience of pulling a phones out every once in a while. The only reasonable application we can consider could be those with mobility issues, but even then there are far less invasive alternatives available.

It's weird -- forward thinking in a Neuromancer kind of way, but probably too close to the sort of thing this idiot would do to be taken seriously for the time being. Motorola does itself no favours either, with the patent adding that the technology could be applied to "other animals" also. Bet PETA are looking forward to that. [USPTO via Engadget]