Multicultural London English is the New Cockney of London's Diverse Population

By Gary Cutlack on at

The traditional East End cockney accent is slowly being wiped out of existence, thanks to new multicultural groups taking over from the old generation and introducing such modern words as "mandem" and "blud" to the local language of the city.

The revised local dialect fuses words from the West Indian, Asian, cockney and general South-of-England tone, creating what language experts have given the extremely politically correct label of Multicultural London English.

Paul Kerswill, a professor of socio-linguistics at York University, said: "All of these features have arisen out of the huge mix of languages and accents heard in some parts of London. It’s the slang that gives it a Caribbean or American feel and its use in British hip-hop adds to this impression, too."

The professor explained why the poorer areas of London are home to this new accent mixture, saying: "A lot of the core speakers are in the East End of London, where they have low opportunities, and so one of the mechanisms when people find themselves unable to make progress in life or [are] discriminated against is to speak differently." [Standard]

Image credit: Pearly queens from Shutterstock