Napkin of Shame Lets Japanese Women Scoff Massive Burgers Without Guilt

By Gary Cutlack on at

Apparently, and we have to believe this as we have no way of proving otherwise, Japanese women like having small mouths and appearing dainty. This means they can't be seen openly ramming massive lumps of processed meat in their mouths, lest they heap shame upon their forefathers. That's all changed thanks to the "Liberation Wrapper."

The Liberation Wrapper is a sort of giant napkin or burger bag, one that's so big it covers a lady's face when she picks up her meat and bread dish. So, instead of delicately nibbling way at her burger like a goldfish, she's now free to dislocate her jaw in complete privacy and ram as much of the meaty sandwich in as possible, thereby earning man-like levels of satisfaction from the greasy meal.

After the introduction of the Liberation Wrapper (and no doubt helped by bemused local media coverage), burger chain Freshness Burger claims it saw a 213 per cent rise in sales of its massive Classic Burger, as lady burger-munchers enjoyed the freedom of opening really, really wide and ramming it all the way in until the gag reflex kicks in. [Metro]