Netflix Bags Exclusive Rights to New Marvel Comics Daredevil and Luke Cage TV Shows

By Gerald Lynch on at

Netflix has scored quite a coup over its Amazon/Lovefilm and HBO Go TV streaming rivals, bagging the exclusive rights to a host of brand new shows based on Marvel comics superheroes. Daredevil -- sans Batfleck -- will return and finally, finally, Luke Cage is getting some live action love!

The deal will see Marvel Television (now part of the Walt Disney company) produce at least five original series -- one each for characters Daredevil and Luke Cage, as well as one each for Iron Fist and Jessica Jones. A fifth series will be an Avengers-like team up series called "The Defenders". Spanning multiple years, the shows will begin airing in 2015.

It's the latest step in Netflix's move towards commissioning original content for its platform, with recent successes including the award winning House of Cards and Orange Is The New Black.