We Want Thomas Heatherwick's Proposed Thames Garden Bridge Built ASAP

By Ross Johnson on at

Because the average Londoner sees about as much vegetation as they do pterodactyls, Heatherwick Studio has proposed a new bridge across the Thames that will double up as a (narrow) area of parkland, almost like our very own version of New York's High Line.

The promenade, which will have planning application submitted in early 2014, will span the area between South Bank and Covent Garden, probably already the section of river with the highest bridge-to-water ratio.

New images show artists' impressions of the bridge, which is scheduled for completion in 2017, and pedestrians fighting their way through their hay fever as they traverse the river. Indigenous trees and shrubs will be planted along the length of the 367m-long walkway, as well as a number of benches, for those who find their Thames jungle trek a little too arduous. [Dezeen]