Philips' New Logo Is an Awesome 1930s Throwback

By Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan on at

75 years after Philips debuted a circular "shield" logo filled with twinkling gold stars, the Dutch electronics giant has brought the design back as a bold monochromatic logomark.

The shield has appeared perennially in the company's 120-odd years of operation, as you can see in our GIF history above. Yet this version is "modernised for use in this digital age," according to company reps. In other words, it's been flattened for use as an app icon—which makes sense, given Philips' recent forays into apps.

Along with the new mark, the company is swapping out its old tagline—"sense and simplicity"—for a more sassy "innovation and you."

Check out a nice little graphic history of the company's identity, below. [StockLogos via Design Taxi]

Philips' New Logo Is an Awesome 1930s Throwback