Pioneer TVs Returning to British High Street Through Dixons But No Sign of the Kuro

By Gerald Lynch on at

Spoken of in hushed, hallowed tones by home cinema enthusiasts, no TV range is as revered and highly sought after as Pioneer's discontinued Kuro plasma range. And now hopes of its revival have been lifted as the company announces its TVs will be coming back to the high street.

Dixons Group will be the exclusive seller of Pioneer's new TV range, hitting stores from December of this year. Three LED TVs, in 40, 46 and 55-inch sizes will hit stores, making for Pioneer's first TV launch in five years, following its departure from the European TV market in 2010. The screens can be picked up from Dixons stores, as well as the Dixons Group's Curry's and PC World outlets, and their respective online channels.

However, there's no word on any plasma screens making an appearance, and Pioneer has (perhaps wisely) avoided using Kuro branding. The low-yield rate of plasma screen technology has made it one of the least profitable branches of TV manufacturing, despite the often-lauded contrast levels and image response times. Just last month Panasonic was forced to admit defeat, itself pulling out of the plasma market. It'll take quite a lot of work for Pioneer to be able to revive the former glories of the Kuro range as a result, so those sky-high eBay auctions may remain your best bet. [ERT via TechRadar]