Poison-Eating "Super Rats" Spreading Across the UK

By Gary Cutlack on at

The use of poison in the UK is having one very unfortunate side effect, in that we're effectively breeding a super-race of rats that are immune to current poisons and happily chomp away on rat poison like it's a pleasant snack left out for them by their caring owners.

Most rats die from eating rat poison. But those that don't and are more resistant to the poisons go on to breed, and they breed so quickly that we're in danger of filling the country with poison-resistant rats thanks to the wonders of the survival of the fittest concept.

Pest control specialists suggest the answer is to use stronger poisons, but then there can be knock-on effects from larger animals eating dead rats and poisoning themselves, plus then we'll end up with even stronger rats resistant to more powerful poison and, quite possibly, bulletproof and flame retardant. The rats are going to win and there's nothing we can do about it, seems to be the subtext of the report. They're just breaking it to us gently. [Metro]

Image credit: Rats from Shutterstock