Police Bust 12-Year-Old for Timeless Elastic Band Assault

By Gary Cutlack on at

A boy who accidentally pinged an elastic coat toggle into the face of another child had the shock of his life when police turned up on his doorstep, accusing the poor kid of bullying.

According to the Daily Mail, two police turned knocked on the door of the boy's mother's house on a Saturday night to give the child a telling off for his role in the rubberised assault, leaving the child in tears. The school explained the deadly assault, saying: "The boy flicked this toggle, hitting the other boy, who was checked over and found to be OK. The first boy apologised. He was given a detention and put into isolation."

They put kids in solitary confinement now? Awesome. The school suggests the police were called in by the parents of the boy who was hit by the toggle, in one of the more spectacular wastes of police time we've seen of late.

Let's just hope the authorities don't start retrospectively investigating historical allegations of pinging elastic bands, else we're all going down. [Daily Mail]

Image credit: Elastic band from Shutterstock