Police Filmed Trying to Recruit Cambridge Student as Undercover Supergrass

By Gary Cutlack on at

Cambridge police have been rumbled trying to spy on the "student-union type stuff" that goes on within Cambridge University, after a student secretly filmed a policeman trying to recruit him to grass on his political student friends.

The policeman wanted the student to list the names of activists who were attending protests and if they're likely to have peaceful intentions, to hand over the details of vehicles used to travel to political events and to forward Facebook links to any planned future protests the police might not yet be aware of. But this didn't happen, because the student in question wore a secret camera, filmed the meeting and forwarded the footage to the Guardian. Whoops.

Using a weird sort of logic to defend the actions of his team, local police Chief Constable Simon ParrĀ said: "The only way we know if there are things we need to be interested in is by trying to find out." [Guardian via BBC]