Qualcomm Toq Screen Tech on Sale Inside the Appscomm Fashioncomm A1

By Gary Cutlack on at

Imagine that. Imagine, when someone sees your exciting and chunky new smartwatch, saying it's called the Appscomm Fashioncomm A1. As well as sounding like something teleported forward in time from the year 2002, the A1 marks the appearance of some of the Qualcomm Toq hardware out there in the field.

The smartwatch isn't quite a slim and stylish as the Toq, though, offering more of a Galaxy Gear sized chassis and some chunky plastic nonsense around it, making it look a bit... Fisher Price. What's exciting, though, is the chance for early adopters to get their hands on a Mirasol display, with the A1 containing the same 1.55-inch MEMS screen as seen in the Toq, plus the A1 also includes a GSM chip for actual sci-fi wrist-based calling options.

The A1's up for pre-order from Chinese importers for around £180. [Engadget]