"Realistic Google+ Simulator" is Full of Tumbleweed and...Enoch Powell?

By Gerald Lynch on at

The narcissists turn to Twitter, the stalkers to Facebook, the drug dealers to Instagram and the sex-crazed to Snapchat. Everyone else? They head over to Google+. All three of them, according to the on-the-nose "Realistic Google+ Simulator" from UsVsThem.

"Someone you follow on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and LinkedIn just added you on Google+. Facilitate their bullshit, pretend friendship further?" it digs with one notification, before following it up with "15 Google engineers added you to a circle called 'please stay, we'll be your friend'".

It's a little harsh, as Giz UK's very own, very vocal, Google+ group members will be first to point out. But it's hard not to hold back a smile (and then recoil in disgust) when the simulator sends you a +1 from long-dead Mecha-Tory Enoch Powell. [UsVsThem]