Remember That Day of Immense Pain and Suffering With a Human Placenta Photo Frame

By Gary Cutlack on at

Artist Amanda Cotton has come up with an interesting niche gift item for new mothers, offering to turn their leftover placenta into a "lovely" photo frame.

Cotton dries the placenta after birth, crushes it up and inserts it into a transparent resin, preserving it as a unique conversation piece for generations to come. The cost is a "reasonable" £75, for which you get the organic frame in the standard 6x4-inch format. You could then stick a touching Instagram photograph of the mother's cervix at maximum dilation in the frame, for example.

"The placenta is one of the first creations the mother and baby make together, so why not celebrate that with a keepsake?" suggests the artist. [Amanda Cotton via Metro]

Image Credit: Jim Holden