Samsung Planning Wraparound Smartphone Display With Active Sides

By Gary Cutlack on at

Samsung's next Galaxy S phone, or perhaps that alternative line we heard about recently, may come with a curved display that bends down the sides of the handset, letting the edges be used as convenient extra notification areas.

News of the concept comes via Bloomberg, which suggests Samsung is planning to solve the first-world problem of having to lift up our phones in order to read our spam emails, with the illuminated side panels operating independently from each other and the main display. So one could constantly ping you with RSS headlines, the other could be for Android's standard notifications.

Bloomberg suggests the display uses the same curved Youm display tech as seen in the Galaxy Round, and is only the first wave in Samsung's desire to make everything bendy in the future. Samsung's previously shown off prototypes of the possible edge display system (pictured above), so it looks like the "Galaxy Side" is already well into development. [Bloomberg]