Samsung Sees iPhone 5S's Fingerprint Scanner, and Raises it One Eye Scanner

By Gerald Lynch on at

"Oh what's that? A touch scanner you say? For your finger? Ha!"...said Samsung's hardware design team before knuckling down and putting together this eye-scanning patent application.

For a little while now rumours have been circulating that the Samsung Galaxy S5 could come complete with an eye-scanner that would allow a user to unlock the phone simply by looking at it, and this newly-uncovered patent found by Patent Bolt goes a little way towards verifying that.

The patent diagrams describe a smartphone with both an iris sensing unit and a proximity sensor, scanning the surface of the eye to find a match for the handset's owner. It's certainly a feature that would match Apple's iPhone 5S Touch ID fingerprint scanner in the kinda-futuristic tech stakes. With the S5 rumoured to be landing as soon as the start of next year, you'd assume it'd take a while to make it to the product stages. But seeing as the patent was originally filed in Korea last summer, there's been time enough for it to make an appearance in the S5, should it indeed launch so early in the year. [Patent Bolt via TechRadar]