Struggling to Get a Launch Day PS4? O2 to Sell Contract PS4 Bundled with Xperia Z1

By Gerald Lynch on at

With Amazon and a host of other gaming retailers announcing that new pre-orders on Sony's PlayStation 4 won't be fulfilled in time for Christmas, expect there to be a Jingle All The Way rush to grab the console from brick-and-mortar stores come launch day on Friday. If the thought of braving the midnight queues sends a shiver down your spine, an interesting last-resort offer from O2 may save your Christmas.

Though it's hardly known as a go-to gaming destination, 65 O2 stores will be selling a limited number of PlayStation 4 consoles -- on contract, however. Bundled in with the Sony Xperia Z1 smartphone, you can bag both for £52 a month, with an £89.99 upfront fee.

For that price, you get the console, a copy of Killzone: Shadow Fall and 12 months free access to Sony's PlayStation Plus service on the gaming side, and unlimited minutes texts and 1GB of data on the phone end of the deal. As part of O2's Refresh tariff (allowing you to upgrade a phone mid-contract by paying for the handset and airtime separately), it's an intriguing deal, but keep in mind that the bundle requires an O2 handset to be on contract alongside the console at all times -- there's no ditching the phone without losing the PS4. In the long run it'll cost you, so unless you're absolutely desperate to tuck into the PS4 launch line-up, perhaps just bide your time.