Student Facilitates More Efficient Drinking Using Raspberry Pi, Leaving Nobody Surprised

By Ross Johnson on at

When the beer manager at Oxford University's Wolfson college decided that patrons weren't getting their beers fast enough in the college bar, he programmed a Raspberry Pi to run things more smoothly. Typical student.

Johan Paulsson, who's studying for a PhD in theoretical physics, put his considerable talents to use coding the Pi to effectively manage the bar. The computer now monitors stock levels, updates prices, and maintains music and volume levels depending on which society is using the bar.

The Pi also now handles staffing - when the bar's rota manager left without training a replacement, Paulsson assigned his duties to the device. Though this effectively made one of those sought-after student jobs redundant, the Pi has sped things up a bit. Emails are sent to employees asking them to choose slots on the rota, and if no response is received, the shifts get automatically designated.

Paulsson is quietly modest about the system, which he is not intending to monetise. "Really I just do it for the love of it," he told Wired. The students, now get their drinks poured faster, so they're probably also quietly happy about that. [Wired]