Super Sad Guy Watches Hindenburg Show, and Tries To Blow His House Up

By Robert Sorokanich on at

Gotta feel bad for this guy: a Pennsylvania man who'd hit some very hard times wanted to end it all in a fiery blaze after watching a TV show about the Hindenburg crash. He's still alive, but the explosion he set off leveled his house.

According to police in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, just outside of Pittsburg, the 47-year-old was distraught after a spate of bad news — an estranged marriage, a child custody fight, a stint in rehab and trouble holding down a job. The police complaint says that on October 12th, having been inspired by a movie or documentary about the doomed zeppelin's 1937 demise, the man broke open a gas line in his basement and went to bed, hoping for a spontaneous combustion while he slept. Awaking to find his house intact, he went to light a cigarette — and set the house ablaze.

He's alive, but still recovering from his injuries. The circumstances around his attempted suicide came to light this week, when Allegheny County police charged him with arson.

Here's hoping this guy gets his life turned around. Giant airships are starting to look viable again. Perhaps that will be some positive inspiration for this unfortunate fellow. [Associated Press]