Taxi Drivers May Face Satnav Ban Because They Ought to Bloody Know Where They're Going

By Gary Cutlack on at

Taxi drivers in Bath might be about to lose their right to have a GPS device tell them where to go, as local councillors argue that part of the job of a driver is to have a full knowledge of their host city and that satnavs also reduce visibility and distract drivers.

The liberal Bath and North East Somerset Council is considering the ban, although drivers will still be allowed to have a GPS device in their cars for times when passengers want to travel outside the city area. So local taxis may still have GPS devices in them, but will have to keep them switched off and out of the way when in certain regions. That sounds like an idea doomed to fail.

Deputy council leader David Dixon said: "The last set of taxi inspections we did with VOSA, they found all the satnavs that were being used were actually situated in a place on the windscreen that made it unsafe," so it's time to go back to relying on the old human memory. [BBC]