Teen Girl Claims to Share Synaesthesia Feelings With Machinery

By Gary Cutlack on at

A 15-year-old US girl claims she has some sort of affinity with modern machinery, with a form of synaesthesia letting her feel technology in various ways as it operates around her. She might be a good one to ask if your broadband's going slowly for no apparent reason.

The anonymous teen says she can "feel a connection to pretty much everything with some kind of mechanically-powered moving part," which includes dumb stuff like locks, levers and escalators, plus more advanced tech like robotics and cars. Trying to explain her feelings and how this form of "mirror touch" tech synaesthesia works in a long interview in Psychology Today, the girl said:

"When using a lock on a door, I feel aware of the pins rising and falling against the key as if I'm running my finger under them instead of a key. When watching or manipulating a lever in action, I feel and am aware of the forces acting on it. When on an escalator, I feel the movement of the steps on the conveyor as if they're the notches up my spine, and the arm rest as the skin at the top of my upper arm and shoulder."

Which sounds a little bit like it might be entirely fictional, but you never know. All the radio signals we're constantly being microwaved by have got to be doing something to our brains. [Psychology Today via The Verge]

Image credit: Old machines from Shutterstock