Ten of the Coolest Cars to Come Out of LA and Tokyo This Month

By Spencer Hart on at

It may be freezing here in Blighty and your cheeks may be stinging from the rain, but now is your chance to imagine yourself in the warm streets of LA, shopping for your next supercar to abuse. Both the LA Motor Show and Tokyo Motor Show have kicked off, with car manufacturers announcing a slew of cars -- both concept and attainables -- to drool over.


1.) Jaguar F-Type Coupe

It was no surprise the hard-topped version of Jaguar's modern classic was going to be shown off in even more angles than just top-down. Looking even more menacing while at the same time drop-dead-stunning, it's even £7,000 cheaper than the cabriolet model --now that's what I call a bargain. The newly-announced R model, costing an eye watering £85,000, delivers 542bhp helping the car get to 62mph in four seconds.


2.) Mercedes AMG Vision Gran Turismo

Do you fancy driving this car? Well guess what, you can! Unfortunately only in the PlayStation game Gran Turismo 6. With magical specifications and a 'virtual aluminium space frame body', Mercedes say the car is 'unrivalled in the supercar segment'. Shame it's not real.


3.) Ford Edge

I love the look of this SUV by Ford. It resembles a Range Rover Evoque, but does away with the glitzy footballer's wife aesthetic. Available with all of Ford's great technology, the car is being described as 'semi autonomous', making driving safer and easier.


4.) Porsche Macan

Ever fancied a Porsche Cayenne but been put off by the size of it? Well now you're in luck with the arrival of Porsche's baby SUV, the Macan. There's no doubt Porsche will work their handling magic on the Macan, making it feel sport and comfortable at the same time.


5.) BMW Mini 2014

Everybody knows the Mini is an incredibly cute car. Now BMW has made it even more awesome by upgrading the exterior and interior while staying true to the original shape. This new model is completely new from the ground up (although you'd have a tough time spotting the differences), with a larger wheelbase, taller passengers can now relax with a bit more legroom.

But, LA isn't the only Motor Show this week. Also showing off their automotive industry is Japan at the Tokyo Motor Show. You might not be able to buy these cars anytime soon (or ever), but they certainly give a tantalising hint of what future technology we can look forward to...


1.) Yamaha Motiv

This cool little concept car was dreamt up by Yamaha, using Gordon Murray's iStream car platform. Gordon Murray (Brittish F1 design guru) wants to revolutionise the car production making cars more simple, cheaper and more economical.


2.) Nissan BladeGlider

Do you want to feel like you're about to break the land speed record each time to drive to the shops? Nissan have the perfect car for you. Based on the Nissan Deltawing, the car has three seats and a lightweight body. Nissan is adamant it will make production, costing less than £30,000.


3.) Toyota i-Road

Similar to the Renault Twizy, the Toyota i-Road is a small two seated vehicle. With only three wheels and tilting steering this rather crazy car is currently in trial phase, but Toyota plans to bring the i-Road to the market in three or four years.


4.) Suzuki X-Lander

How awesome does this look? Massive tyres and a 4x4 drivetrain for this small Suzuki destine it for off-road use in the more remote areas of our countryside. Powered by a small 1242cc petrol engine and an electric motor, Suzuki says this is destined for production, although in a heavily modified form. You might want to add a roof first if you plan to sell it in the UK though, Suzuki.


5.) Honda Uni Cub

Have you ever wanted to ride a unicycle but thought it was too traditional (and too much effort)? Well Honda clearly did, so they created the Uni Cub. Recently unveiled in a production ready form the Uni Cub weighs 25kg and has a battery which lasts for three miles. Great if you live in the city -- could this be the future of personal transportation? Could it make the mighty TfL weaken at its keens? Hmm. Apart from its range, it's perfectly built for travelling on the M25 with a top speed of 3mph.