'The Gore King:' T-Rex's Granddaddy Gets Given a Really Badass Name

By Ross Johnson on at

A new species of tyrannosauridae has been unearthed in southern Utah, and due to how absolutely brutal it looks, has been dubbed 'Gore King of the Southwest' (lythronax argestes). 'Tyrant Lizard King' doesn't sound so hard now, does it?

The fossil, which dates from 80 million years ago, places the Gore King as 10 to 12 million years older than the T-Rex, but the newly-discovered animal resembles the rex more than any other therapod yet found. (Smaller, though. Before you have nightmares about them teaming up).

The Gore King (increasingly sounding like the antagonist in a cheap paperback fantasy novel) lived on Laramidia, a slice of north America running from Alaska to Mexico, and divided from the eastern side of the continent by a stretch of sea. This isolation likely allowed it to evolve separately from other species in the genus. Or maybe the other dinosaurs banished it there for just being too terrifying. [The Verge]