The "Ultimate Edition" PS4 Bundle Includes a PS Vita and Will be in Shops by New Year's Eve

By Gerald Lynch on at

Ever since Sony mandated that all PlayStation 4 games would have to be compatible with the PS Vita handheld's Remote Play function we knew this was coming, and now it's been all-but confirmed; Sony will be offering a PS4 "Ultimate Edition" bundle that includes the PS Vita handheld just in time for Christmas.

Spotted by Videogamer in a Sony print advert listed in the MCV gaming trade magazine, there's no specific release date given beyond "Dec 2013", nor any pricing. What will be interesting though is which PS Vita Sony decide to bundle in with the console -- the remaining stock of 2012's gorgeous OLED-screened Vita, or the cheaper LCD 2013 revision. We'd presume the latter. [Videogamer, MCV]