These Solar-Powered Ray-Bans Charge Your iPhone When the Sun Goes Down

By Gerald Lynch on at

Now this is genius, one of those ideas that seems so obvious that you wonder why no-one has ever thought of it before. Sayalee Kaluskar, a designer from Mumbai, India, has put together a pair of sunglasses that can convert the sun's rays into power for your iPhone.

Lining the arms of a pair of Ray-Ban shades with solar panels and a power cell to store the converted energy, the end of the sunglasses come complete with an iPhone Lightning connector, ready to juice up your smartphone when the sun goes down.

It's such a logical design, so much so it'd just seamlessly work its way into your summer's days: rather than carry an extra solar-power capturing device around with you, you're already probably wearing shades anyway, and when it's time to put the Ray-Bans away, they've even got a purpose when the sun has gone to sleep. [Vimeo via Design Taxi]