These Tea Bags Filter Your Water Instead of Flavouring It

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Re-usable water bottles are great for the environment, but are they so awesome for your taste buds? When you're out and about you're usually left filling them up from sketchy-looking drinking fountains or other questionable sources. But with these easy-to-use Shake Filters that work kind of like tea bags, you're guaranteed clean tasting water no matter where you fill up.

The tiny bags were created by Vapur, the company behind those collapsible water bottles, and they simply need to be dropped in a bottle of water and thoroughly shaken to remove chlorine and other particles that will adversely affect the smell and taste. So if you're filling up from a bacteria-infested swamp, you'll still want to rely on a more comprehensive filter to avoid nightmarish stomach pains. But for everywhere else, five bucks gets you three of these filters that can each be used up to fifty times, so it's like every tap is dispensing Evian. [Vapur via The GearCaster]