This Company Will Blast Your Ashes Out Into Space

By Gerald Lynch on at

Forget a 12 gun salute or a burial at sea; the only way to send your loved ones off into the afterlife is to blast them out beyond the confines of our atmosphere, into the never-ending expanse of space.

Elysium Space, headed up by former NASA engineer Thomas Civeit, aims to send the cremated remains of the deceased up into space through commercial space corporations such as SpaceX and Orbital Sciences. Hoping to be ready by 2014, the ashes will be launched into space in special capsules that will be able to orbit the Earth for several months before burning up in the atmosphere as a "shooting star".

With the service costing £1,180, the families of the deceased will also be sent a kit that includes an ash capsule (which can be engraved with three initials) and a mini scoop for transferring a "symbolic portion" of the dead person's ashes. Once in orbit, Earth-bound relatives will be able to track the capsule using an iPhone or Android app, hopefully letting them be present when their loved one re-enters the atmosphere as a shooting star. [Mashable]