This Guy Wants to Speed 300mph Down a Street on a "Jet Luge"

By Gerald Lynch on at

Some things man was never designed to do. Visiting space is one. Riding the world's tallest waterslide is another, too. Travelling at 300mph down a street on a jet-powered luge is without doubt another. But of course there's some crazy guy out there attempting it.

Daredevil Aussie Daz Fellows has built a modified street luge packing twin-turbine engines, capable of 244kg of thrust. Lying on a moulded board of carbon fibre, he's hoping to break a world record by hitting the 300mph/482 km/h speeds on a street run. It is of course highly dangerous, and Daz will have an onboard killswitch should things go out of control.

Keep an eye out for Fellows making his record attempt at some time between April and August of next year.[Jet Luge via Gizmag]