Metals From Smartphones May be Damaging Our Health

By Gary Cutlack on at

A 12-year survey of 8,614 people found that high levels of tungsten in the body doubled their risk of having a stroke, with the metal found in significantly higher concentrations in the wee of people who suffered strokes.

During the 12-year study, 203 people actually had a stroke. These stroke victims were found to have nearly double the amount of tungsten in their urine, with average levels at 0.25 nanograms per millilitre of urine compared with the 0.13 ng/ml norm.

The study isn't suggesting our tungsten-based phones and tablets are directly killing us as we idly poke them, though. Higher tungsten levels in the body are thought to come from the environment, with dust from waste and landfill sites from all the old Nokias being crunched up believed to be the main cause.

Higher tungsten levels were found in people from poorer backgrounds, suggesting that living somewhere crappy that's nearer industrial sites and incinerators may be a contributing cause. [Everyday Health]

Image credit: Factories from Shutterstock