Two Laptops Locked In An Endless Rock-Paper-Scissors Battle

By Lily Newman on at

Playing rock-paper-scissors is actually a pretty sophisticated intellectual challenge. You might choose your move based on a personal preference or whim, but you're probably also thinking about what your opponent is going to pick. Sometimes you can just feel your brother leaning paper, or your best friend thinking that you're thinking scissors, and therefore planning to play rock. It's an art form.

But computers don't have that advantage. When two laptops are both running random number generators that dictate rock, paper or scissors, there's no way to know what's going to happen, or which computer player is going to take the lead in the short term.

Interested in this change to the game, the German collective weAREmedienkuenstler created an installation called Rock Paper Scissors that displays two computers at rock-paper-scissors war. The laptops are connected by an ethernet cable and the game keeps track of points and ties. It's interesting to realise how much of rock-paper-scissors is mental. It's supposed to be a random way for humans to decide things, but the more random it gets, the more pointless it feels. [Creative Applications]

Two Laptops Locked In An Endless Rock-Paper-Scissors Battle