UK Government Confiscates iPads After Meeting Over "Security Concerns"

By Ross Johnson on at

The British Government has taken precautions that border on sheer paranoia, over concerns that iPads and similar devices could be used as bugs by some naughty foreign administrations.

A presentation of the highest importance to our national security was made last week by the Government Digital Service. Or so it would seem. After the GDS proposal on cutting costs on digital services, security staff appropriated all iPads that were present during the meeting. Just in case, y'know, China was listening.

The fear is that a number of nosey foreign governments like Russia, Iran, Pakistan and China have developed Trojan viruses that can turn mobile devices into microphones that transmit data back to the interested party.

Future top-secret meetings will have no such tablet seizures, however. Government ministers have now been issued with absolute state-of-the-art technology to combat iPad bugging during sensitive conversations, in the form of lead-lined boxes in which to place their devices. Hi-tech, eh? [Telegraph via CNet]