Unlimited 152Mb Broadband From Virgin Media Will Go "Far Beyond BT"

By Gerald Lynch on at

Virgin Media has announced plans to roll-out its 152Mb broadband services early next year. An unlimited usage package, Branson's broadband will be "twice as fast" as "any other widely available service", setting its sights on rivals reliant on "old copper telephony infrastructure".

Available to over 12.5 million homes through Virgin Media's fibre infrastructure, the company has also pledged to boost all customers speeds by 20Mb, but has yet to reveal pricing for the top-tier fibre offering.

Virgin Media has, somewhat ominously, stated that it has started writing to its customers to let them know what the newly boosted broadband speeds will mean for their existing contracts. Those who also use Virgin Media's cable services have been told to brace for service charge rises of 6.7 per cent come next February, so it looks as though the broadband boost is part of Virgin Media's push to retain customers who may otherwise start looking elsewhere once the bill costs begin to creep up.