Updated HTC One to get microSD Card Slot and Dual-SIM Support

By Gerald Lynch on at

The best Android handset of the year just got refreshed, with HTC announcing that they're to release a revised HTC One model, complete with microSD card and Dual-SIM support.

Up for pre-order now from HTC at £494.99, the update will allow owners to add an additional 64GB of storage space on top of the pre-installed 32GB that comes as standard in the HTC One by popping in a microSD card. You'll also be able to juggle two different phone numbers without having to swap out the SIM card each time, with the phone housing two simultaneously -- great for managing both work and personal contacts, or keeping your extramarital liaisons on the down-low.

Frustratingly, the phone now sports a removable back cover, but access to the battery pack is still restricted. And it seems in the process of adding Dual-SIM features, LTE 4G support has had to have been cut. HTC giveth, HTC taketh awayeth. [HTC]