Use Guns and Swords to Get an Xbox One Urges a South Park-ified Bill Gates

By Gerald Lynch on at

In the US, Black Friday makes the Harrods Boxing Day sale look like a village fete, with shoppers tearing each other to pieces in order to bag a bargain. This year's "festivities" could be the most vicious yet thanks to the recent launches of the next-generation games consoles -- something the creators of South Park know all too well.

In the show's new Black Friday parody episode, A Song of Ass and Fire, Bill Gates is on hand to drum up interest in the new Xbox One console. And, despite his current philanthropic pursuits, he's happy to turn a blind eye to the use of deadly weapons to ensure his company's entrant in the next-gen console wars wins out over Sony's PS4.

Airing in the UK on Wednesday 26th November at 10pm on Comedy Central, check out a sneak-peek clip below.