Want to be In the New Star Wars Film? "Beautiful" Wannabe-Jedi Should Head to Bristol

By Gerald Lynch on at

It may be set in a galaxy far, far away, but open auditions for Star Wars: Episode VII will be taking place in the far more earthly surroundings of Bristol.

The Bristol auditions kick off on November 9th and 10th, before moving on throughout the month to venues across the UK, including events in Manchester, Glasgow, Dublin and London. Full details of the events can be found in the invite below.

The news comes as casting call information for the Disney-made film was released online, with the studio making the somewhat surprising move of opening up audtions to all comers, not just established Hollywood stars.

So what are they looking for? Two character roles are up for grabs, under the likely-placeholder names of "Thomas" and "Rachel". Thomas is described as athletic, smart capable and courageous, without a strong father figure in his life. He's aged between 19 and 23. Rachel is an orphan aged 17 to 18, and can be of any ethnic background, a survivor that gets by with her gutsy outlook and humour. Casting directors are only looking for "beautiful" girls and "handsome" guys, of course. So, no Hutts then. [IGN]