Want to Know How a TV Works? Let Bjork Explain

By Gerald Lynch on at

Man, I love Bjork. If the world were full of Bjorks, we'd probably all be living in igloos made of multi-coloured pom-poms, singing whale songs at a rave. She's everything great about music, pushing boundaries with totally insane sonic adventures. She is cray-cray. Which, of course, makes her bizarre explanation of how television works essential viewing.

You see, according to the infallible sources of tech knowledge that are Iceland's famed poets (and Bjork's main point of technological reference), that circuit board inside your set is actually a little town, where little digital Tron folk make the pictures you see displayed on your screen.

This video's a few years old, but has only recently been brought to the world's attention once more through the power of social media sharing. Here's hoping Bjork will do a follow up on 4K TV. That explanation will likely be akin to the formation of the universe.[SickChirpse]