Watch This Exploding Sperm Whale Free Willy (and the Rest of its Organs)

By Gerald Lynch on at

If you thought that the shark from Jaws met an explosively gory end, you ain't seen nothing yet. If you're watching this before eating, postpone your dinner plans -- nothing's staying down once you've seen a decaying sperm whale explode in slow-motion.

One of a pair of sperm whales that sadly died when it became trapped in a shallow channel in the Faroe Islands, the whale's giant skeleton was snapped up by a museum looking to use it for an exhibition. Of course, extracting those mammoth bones is no mean-feat, especially when a few days of decomposition has caused a significant build-up of explosive gasses.

Marine biologist Bjarni Mikkelse drew the short straw and was tasked with cutting the beached-beast open. Good job his overalls were already red. [Metro]