Who Fancies Trying a Man's 8p-a-day Room Heating Method?

By Gary Cutlack on at

This week's viral internet sensation isn't a cat eating a wasp, a lady falling over or down something, or a baby saying something stupid because its brain doesn't work properly yet -- it's a rather ordinary man talking about convection heating systems.

The new internet sensation is journalist and former engineer Dylan Winter, whose clip demonstrates how to heat a small room for 8p a day via the magic of a metal bread tin, a stack of cheap tea lights and a couple of clay plant pots. The idea is simple. The smaller pot traps the heat from the mini candles, while the larger pot acts as a funnel that chucks hot air out into the room. It's good enough to warm a small room, according to the man.

Dylan posted the clip online a year ago and has only recently seen it gain traction, with his heating method picking up the vast bulk of its 2m hits this week. He seems well prepared for tackling internet naysayers, with the updated video description now saying: "Feel free to post that this will never work because you have to factor in the cost of driving to Ikea in your Mercedes or that this will never heat a 5,000 square feet house in Canada in February." [YouTube]